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Has anyone noticed a glitch lately where when the player is loaded it comes up with a error saying that it's signed out and to get rid of it I have to turn the app off and on. It's started annoying me nearly as much as Netflix automatically playing the next episode. Thankfully you can turn auto play off on Netflix but this issue seams persistent when loading the application.


  • DanielDaniel Posts: 1,672Member ✭✭
    Anyone else on bt or otherwise had this? @Sarah is this a known issue?
  • martyfpmartyfp Posts: 1Member
    I don't have that issues - however rather bizarrely I have noticed that in the last week, whenever I try to watch anything on netflix, I just get a bright green screen.   Netflix running directly on the TV works just fine, just when running on the DTR4000 it crashes in this way.

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    We usually watch Netflix directly off the smart TV (less hassle) but I just tried it on the YouView box, and it opens and loads episodes of things just fine.
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  • DanielDaniel Posts: 1,672Member ✭✭
    Only ever happens on this box. Works spot on with the retail dtr t2000. Next time it does it I will take a picture of it. It's a intermittent issue.
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