Retransmission row: SKY of course.

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    Are we talkng RTE here?
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    Retransmission row: Sky threatens to drop RTÉ

    Sky is threatening to drop Irish public broadcaster RTÉ from their Irish services if they are no longer able to get them for free.

    This subject is a very hot potato, but make of it what you will.
    "In the UK, the main channels such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are no longer charged any money for carriage on Sky following changes in legislation over so-called 'retransmission fees'. In some circumstances, broadcasters like ITV are now allowed to charge platform operators for carriage. Over in the Irish Republic, RTÉ wants the same treatment." 

    That used to be PSB channel carriage costs of up to £12m per year on SKY, yet always zero on BT TV, Virgin and EE, as they always regarded the PSB channels as platform neutral (which they are). And so never charged carriage costs. But SKY did. Then one day they were forced to change it. Not by OFCOM, but by number 10 (long story). 

    In this case RTE now want to charge both SKY and Virgin for the carriage of its channels.
    Both have said no and stated they'd just rather drop them.
    Though in America, FOX TV (Murdoch owned) charges all of its platforms for channel carriage, stating that they give 'added value' to the platforms they broadcast on.
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