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Easter TV Highlights
Feel free to read Mike Ward's Easter TV blog, where he talks about some of the great programmes that are showing on YouView over Easter. ...
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SPAM on YouView forums
Hi YouView Following up from my previous emails, the forum is now being bombarded with spam by Thai Expat TV http://community.youv...
  • Martin, 1 year ago
  • Last reply: Roy, 2 hours ago
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Humax box no longer working
I initially had a problem where my Humax box would freeze on startup, so i'd restart it by holding the button on the front for 8 seconds,...
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YouView iOS App Update March 2014
A new update to the YouView iOS App is now available (App Version number 3.0). This exciting update includes a number of handy features:...
  • Phil, 1 month ago
  • Last reply: Sanj, 3 hours ago
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Recordings failing
I am just wondering if anybody else is experiencing failed recordings? Since last Thursday, I have had 2 fail completely on More 4 and on...
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