Show the dates and start times in the scheduled recordings list

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*** Summarised idea from trials process ***

To see the dates and times of each scheduled recording listed you currently need to press the info button. Showing the date and start time (and possibly duration too) of each item directly in the scheduled recording list would make reviewing what is set much easier.

This can be particularly useful when manually reviewing how to resolve clashes that prevent you from setting a recording or just generally sorting through what you have set.


  • tracestraces Member Posts: 199
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    Date, start time, length and an entry for each episode on the same day.
  • Andrew MarlowAndrew Marlow Member Posts: 65
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    Yes, I am outraged that a so-called schedule doesn't tell you when. However did that get past QA? I have already heard the feeble excuse that there is not enough room on the display. I do not accept that answer. The display can easily be widened to accomodate various fields that would make it much much better.
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    Outrage? Really?

    It's mildly frustrating to have to press (I) if you want to see the times to avoid scheduling clashes but really, the lack of a time arouses "fierce anger, shock, or indignation" in you?
  • Mr A MarlowMr A Marlow Member Posts: 11
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    I am very pleased at the updates made in the October release but at the same time I am slightly disappointed that the schedule does not include the time.....
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    +1 I'm surprised that the time isn't show in the scheduled recordings list. It's not very user friendly having to press into info button.
  • Andrew Peter MarlowAndrew Peter Marlow Member Posts: 16
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    It's been months and still no news on this one. I presume there will be another update to help fix some of the outstanding problems. IMO it would be good if something like this could be added to the release. Surely it can't be that hard to do....
  • gomezgomez Member Posts: 2,073 ✭✭
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    The only hard thing about making such a change is to persuade the stiff-necked designers that they have cocked it up and it should be changed.
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    This is one of the features I miss from my Thomson DTI-6300. It was much easier to check for potential clashes before adding a new recording. All it needs is a start time and duration, which could easily fit on the screen. The Thomson had a basic interface, but it was able to do this.
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    I completely agree.  I was very happy with BT Vision, but it's becoming obsolete from the end of June, so they sent me a youview box to replace it.  I've had it for a few days now, and have come across several 'downgrades', this being one of them.  In many ways it seems very clunky and unnecessarily laborious to do anything.  On my TV, there's a huge margin on either side of the text screen - surely it could be used for times instead of being blank space?  Or, as suggested in another post, have the schedule as a single vertical rolling list instead of horizontal blocks, and perhaps have the dates as section headers, leaving space for the scheduled times (it worked for BT Vision - older, but IMO more user friendly).
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