Lovefilm and Netflix?

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Does anyone know when/if lovefilm or Netflix are likely to make an appearance on the youview platform?


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    Well YouView are working on content deals which they say they'll announce in the coming weeks.

    Both lovefilm & Netflix are desperate to increase marketshare so it's unlikely they'll leave YouView to Sky to pick up extra customers via NOW TV so you can be sure at least one will appear.

    When is a matter for the companies concerned rather than YouView but personally I expect them before Christmas.
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    That would be great, currently accessing Netflix via the wii, and lovefilm through laptop connected to wii but had mail shot from lovefilm announcing they will be via wii from sept/octal it's not the end of the world but it would be nice to not have to mess around changing inputs on the tv, it would be nice of the remote could change tv inputs though.... I'm a lazy so and so
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    I should point out - in case it's not clear - that my post was just guesswork. But I can't see either LF or netflix ceding YouVIew to Sky and the longer they're not on the platform the more people will sign with NOW TV and are potentially lost to the others.
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    No worries Martin, I understood that was your best guess, that would be my guess as well.

    Have to say that I do like the youview concept and have been very impressed with the box/the catch up integration
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    I bought a youview box when it first came out, and currently have a separate Sony media player for Lovefilm streaming. I noticed when watching Lovefilm through a friend's Samsung tv that they had access to considerably more content than I had on my Sony player. I have therefore been eager for youview to add a Lovefilm instant app to their box in the hope that all content would become available to me.

    When I noticed talk talk were offering a year of Lovefilm instant with their youview box I decided to contact their customer service under the pretence of being a new customer in order to find out if the Lovefilm could be streamed directly through the youview box. The answer was no, but that it may be available sometime in the future.

    I wait in hope.
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    The arrival of these services on YV is long overdue.
  • James QuinnJames Quinn Member Posts: 23
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    I see lovefilm is coming to the wii soon, hopefully it won't be long before they launch on youview
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    Agreed. I have a wii attached to my lounge TV just (now) to use the Netflix app, and it's not a very reliable implementation over wi-fi. Have a much better WD TV Live box on the TV upstairs and LoveFilm on my Bravia smart TV, but my 'expectation' was that the YV platform would offer these 'premium content' services alongside the free catchup facility.

    IMHO, this would make the box pretty awesome, but I have some concerns as to whether any rumours or promises will bear fruit. After all, Sony promised us Netflix and ITV Player/4OD/Demand 5 on their 2011 Bravia TV's only to go back on their 'promise' after many of us spent a fair amount of money on their TV's.
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    I would love to have netflix in particular, as it is frequently used on the PS3, would mean that I would only need to have one unit for all my tv needs.

    I can then use the PS3 for gaming only, as always worried that I will burn the thing out in due time it gets that much use
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    When they do come I wonder if a single account can be used on multiple devices ?are any of you guys able to do that now, ie access lovefilm instant on your PC and on a PS3 using the same account..

    Any one know ?
  • James QuinnJames Quinn Member Posts: 23
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    Yes, can stream lovefilm on iPad and laptop, never tried at same time though
  • James QuinnJames Quinn Member Posts: 23
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    Taken from lovefilm site, it appears can be used on 3 devices at same time

    Can other family members be watching a different film to the one I'm watching?

    Yes. Up to three films can be streamed at any one time. If a fourth stream is attempted, you may see a message onscreen advising you that you have reached your limit. You will then need to stop and exit one of the currently streamed titles, to be able to start another.
  • Joe KellyJoe Kelly Member Posts: 7
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    I have watched Netflix, on PS3, with my wife watching it in the bedroom on the xbox360.

    Have tried playing it on android tablet and that run as well
  • CiganoCigano Member Posts: 12
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    That's really good to hear thanks guys

    I'm sure one or both of these services will be on YouView soon without the need for a specific ISP subscription, and they both offer a more diverse library of films than NowTV
  • James QuinnJames Quinn Member Posts: 23
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    Agreed, I suspect/hope that this will come soon :-)

    I wonder if lovefilm will be first, talktalk customers were given a years free lovefilm streaming and at the minute they can't stream on youview so suspect that talktalk somehow expected it to be available ready for their launch, I'm not a fan of talktalk but can't imagine they would go out of their way to take the flak for the misleading advertising and the backlash they are now getting. It seems talktalk customers have box office function which is populated from lovefilms collection that is not available as part of subscription (premium content), if this is the case then you wouldn't have thought it should be too long before full launch
  • JoeJoe Member, Super User Posts: 2,064 ✭✭✭
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    An article hear seems to confirm that Lovefilm is coming to Youview:
  • JoeJoe Member, Super User Posts: 2,064 ✭✭✭
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    Joe2 said:

    An article hear seems to confirm that Lovefilm is coming to Youview:

    Lol wrong link apologies!....heres the proper one:
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    Hi Joe,

    The above is exclusive just to TalkTalk users at the moment and is not yet available via a retail YouView box.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    Wow. You're right, the article clearly states that Lovefilm are to join youview. Well done for finding that article!
  • Michael4Michael4 Member Posts: 23
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    hello guys, this has been asked several times before with no clear answer coming from YV...its just a waiting game really...but the clock is ticking because xmas is coming...
  • Rich MerrittRich Merritt Member Posts: 5
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    I asked Lovefilm sometime ago, the official response was...

    "Thank you for your interest in our Watch on TV service. At the moment
    the service is only available on a limited number of devices but we are
    working to extend this as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the service
    is not currently available via Youview device. We will, of course, let
    you know when the situation changes."

    So not really much help.
  • Ryan1Ryan1 Member Posts: 29
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    I am very eager to get LoveFilm Instant especially now TalkTalk has handed it out FREE for 12 months to Plus Account holders. So it would make real sense to add it into there TalkTalk YouView Box. What about YouTube and also NAS access?

    I opened a Thread about this please vote for it and YouView may get off the pot!
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    I currently have 2 Apple TVs , iPad that can all stream Netflix all of the same time.

    What is the only problem with Netflix, all the sexy films are on Now TV(Sky) , and all the sexy programmes are on Sky Sat unfortunately.

    I think Now TV is a good system on you view by Sky , but for £15 per month only for films is a bloody rip off. I would pay £15 a month for films and Sky Atlantic/Sky One with it. hope that changes soon, but rather netflix/lovefilm get the rights to the tv and films as Sky, but Sky have a monopoly in this country which the government has failed to stop. So we are stuck with their platform and monthly subs. I like the model I can dip into films for a month contract (i.e. netflix and nowtv does actually with on line management of on or off, where sky you have to ring up to cancel etc ) than a continuos sub.

    could keep on and on ... YouView is a fantastic platform, this is our only hope to bash and smash skys monopoly. Hope Youview accelerates the improvement programmes though, but its a balance of quality and functionality

    PS. I am using BT Infinity 2 - which is awesome
  • Chris McFetridgeChris McFetridge Member Posts: 2
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    Hi all, I contacted LF regarding this matter. Here's their response:

    "As things stand at the moment, we have no plans to release our LOVEFiLM
    Instant service on the YouView set-top box, so please accept my
    apologies for any disappointment caused by this."

    It's a pity.

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    Hi Chris

    That response is a cut&paste job from someone who would have no idea what their medium and longterm plans are.

    Take with a pinch of salt.
  • Ryan1Ryan1 Member Posts: 29
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    I thought it worked the other way round. YV show an interest in LoveFilm Instant then ask for the open source code from LoveFilm which YV then Code to there needs?
  • Greg WilliamsGreg Williams Member Posts: 1
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    Makes sense until you realise that TalkTalk are offering lovefilm for free on the youview box
  • The Wee BearThe Wee Bear Member Posts: 25
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    TalkTalk offer LOVEFiLM box office though Greg, which is pay per view, it's totally different from LOVEFiLM instant.
  • SantapanterSantapanter Member Posts: 57
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    I would love to see netflix and lovefilm on this and it would be good if you could you the you view search to search this content too as well as on demand and hopefully the epg.
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    TT lovefilm instant offer is confusing if you sign up for the plus tv package you get a yv box and a free 12 month offer to love film instant, but hay you cant watch it on the yv box they supply. great no one can us eit so they save the band width.

    I will give it 10 months when the 12 month offer is up for renewal and they will have the app so they can get the cash stream in,

    They soon got the sky now tv on, ohh I forgot its 8.99 cahs stream for them; Searching films all I get now is TT pay per view or now tv,in fact its twich now tv v TT player.

    This box is 3 years behind, as ryan said upnp and ability to stream from and too is a minimum,

    my ps3 can do it
    my sony smart tv can do it
    my lapotops/ netbook and server can do it
    even my androind phone can do it. not just my htc one but 3 year old desire can do it.

    utube, netfix/ love film is not a new idea but a minumum requirements
    upnp server and player for, mp3 photo, video play or stream
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