Dates and times in myview recordings are wrong

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Just noticed that some dates are wrong for recordings in myview. For example, chariots of fire was recorded from film4 during the Olympics but now shows with a recording date of today (24 sept). I also notice a software upgrade happened on 21 sept. film4 listings for today do not show that film!


  • SW1SW1 Member Posts: 240
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    This is a known issue found during the trials, hopefully a YV person will be along to acknowledge this.
  • Jesse1Jesse1 Member Posts: 275
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    Hi John. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. The good news is that your recordings should return to normal in a few days. Please let us know if this doesn't happen.
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    I have just noticed this has affected my box today!

    i have a recoding of a BBC4 programme "Creation" that I recorded on 7th September 2012, yet today it says i recorded it Yesterday!

    Does the fact I had no internet access for three days from Friday have anything to do with it, although this is the only programme that has been affected?
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    Hi John, we are sorry to hear you’ve experienced this issue.
    Just wanted to let you know that we’re currently investigating the issue around dates being incorrectly displayed and I will update the forum as soon as we have more information.
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    Hi Max - I'm interested to see your response above on a topic that had been dormant for 6+ weeks. From the original problem description it is not clear to me whether the bug being reported is the same as captured in the consolidated list of bugs and faults as item 10. The response from Jesse though leads me to believe the understanding at that time was that it was this bug and it was old recordings reporting as being from 'today' or 'yesterday' etc but then a few days later once again displaying correctly.

    If so then that bug was fixed in the October update as reported further down on the bugs topic by Piers.
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