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Sometimes when I change channel I get sound but no picture for approx 3/4 seconds , must stress it does not happen everytime just maybe once a night and the picture has never failed to appear,,,.not a major problem but it has just started doing it over the last week any ideas/thoughts please?


  • Donald-Edinburgh YV TRIALISTDonald-Edinburgh YV TRIALIST Member Posts: 30
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    Hi - I have seen similar but nothing I worry about to be honest. I do a semi regular [once every couple of weeks] total shut down; switch off the rocker switch at the back left of the box; and fully unplug from the power socket. Leave it 5 mins and power it all back up again. Hey Presto! All functions seem to go faster. At the end of the day the box is a small computer - it just needs a rest to give itself a bit of a hard reset - like any PC enjoys. Try that and see what happens.

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    Thanks I will give it a go
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    Hi Cestrian. We are aware of this and working on a fix. In the meantime, please change your autostandby setting from "Never."
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    Hi Jesse, I thought the option of "Never" under Auto Standby had been removed in the last software update?
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    You are right Scuttlebroom the option did disappear with the last software update and since then I have it set for 4 hours whereas prior to the update I had it set to "Never"
    Jesse do you suggest I set it for something different than 4 hours now ?
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    I had no picture at all when I switched on the box and TV on 2nd April 2013. Turning the box off using the rocker switch at the back resolved this problem. Thanks.
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