What resources and options are available for YouView user / customer support?

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I thought I would start a topic for people to reply adding advice and links to useful resources for users/customers looking for help/support.I'll create an initial reply highlighting the resources available through the YouView support page :)


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    The main YouView website has a support section which provides access/links to various support resources and information:

    YouView knowledge base - there is
    • a search box at the top of the page to search the knowledge base
    • blocks to enter key topics, support videos and the community at the bottom
    • options to select whether you are interesting in support for a YouVIew box, the YouView app, or a YouView Sony TV
    YouView community forum - see these tips for using the forum as well as the top tips category topics - note YouView do monitor the forum and read most posts but the primary focus of the forum is customer-customer interaction although YouView do make posts too.

    Direct customer support via phone or email - there is
    • a contact us button at the right of the page to take you to a form to enter in details of your problem/query which will create an individual support ticket (which YouView will answer via email). The form also gives the YouView phone support number in case you would prefer to use that instead.
    • a list of phone and email support contact details for YouView and other relevant companies
    With other PVRs generally (almost) all the responsibility and support lies with a single company, the manufacturer. However the YouView system has a number of components and not all of those components can be supported by an individual company, e.g.
    • The physical box hardware - the hardware manufacturer (e.g. Humax, Huawei) is ultimately responsible although the supplier of the box will generally have some responsibility too (e.g. if your box is faulty when purchased or develops a fault early on you would typically return it to the retailer or if provided via some contract to the provider (e.g. BT or TalkTalk))
    • Low level software relevant to the specific hardware (e.g. drivers for the specific hardware components the manufacturer has used such as the network adapter, tuner etc) - again the manufacturer is ultimately responsible and if faults are found they will typically produce the fix (e.g. Humax producing a fix for the channel loss problem)
    • The general on-demand players (e.g. iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5, Now TV etc) - these are generally the responsibility of the company who provides the player
    • Service provider specific on-demand players (e.g. BT or TalkTalk specific players) - these are typically the responsibility of those companies
    • General YouView features and functions - these are typically the responsibility of YouView directly
    YouView is the link between all these different providers that collectively deliver the overall YouView system and hence the support for it. As such it is not unreasonable to raise questions and problems etc with YouView in the first instance (e.g. via this YouView forum or their support contact form). Whilst YouView staff read all posts on the forum and do respond, the vast majority of responses via the forum will be from other customer community members as the forum is primarily a community resource for customer-customer interaction. YouView staff will respond where they have specific information to provide or if they consider a specific problem to be something that customers cannot completely address directly, e.g. a fault with an on-demand player or an issue relating to the underlying hardware. In such situations YouView will often post a stock reply redirecting the customer to a potentially more appropriate support provider (e.g. they may suggest contacting the on-demand player provider or a broadcaster by following the contact information they provide, they may suggest looking on a providers web pages or forum such as the BT YouView forum, the BT web pages, the TalkTalk forum, the TalkTalk TV help web pages etc). Note it may be appropriate in some cases where the issue is with a component not directly within YouView's control that they act on behalf of the customers and community in general in facilitating a response or fix from the relevant company.
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