Can both HDMI and Scart from 'youview' be used together

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I am wishing to transmit recorded programs from my 'youview' to a remote tv via a wireless transmitter/receiver both fitted with euro (Scart) plugs.
The Main TV is connected via HDMI lead with the wireless transmitter connected into the youview scart outlet. However, it does not transmit when the HDMI is left connected to the (not being used) tv, but does show normal tv broadcasts via the youview box but not the program guide. Any advice please


  • MattManMattMan Member Posts: 277
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    John, this is a known issue and I reported this when I was a trialist for YouView, I believe that they are working on a fix so let's hope it will be included in the October firmware update. The workaround for me is to use the scart for the main TV and the auido / video output for my second TV. I do not record in HD due to the other issues that YouView has in HD like low volume, play back of recording goes blocky, at time it would lock up the box and I would have to power cycle the box to get it working again. roll on October firmware update.
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    Many thanks Matt.
    What a pity 'youview' released this unit knowing there was a problem. Lets hope YouView do soon find a cure for this known fault.
    Once again many thanks for your help
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    still waiting here too its the one issue thats has drove me nuts since getting the youview box : ( please fix asap thanks in advance : )
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    I just tried using SCART as someone here mentioned it was a fix for the 4/3 problem.

    I guess it wasn't fixed in that October update. Will it be in the next one?
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