Series folder sequential viewing.

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I'd love for YouView to introduce a 'Watch a whole series' feature now that we have series folders. To elaborate, let's say that you have recorded every series of 'Downton Abbey'.On selecting the relevant folders, you would then be able to watch them all, one after the other, in their correct sequence. I would love this feature and always wondered why its not been available on other PVR's that use series folders.


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    But we need a button press which allows you to jump to the next and previous episode in the series, the main use would be that when the credits roll for one episode you can hot a button and jump to the next one, rather than have to watch 2 mins of credits and 5mins of adverts. The >>| and |<< buttons would be good for this.
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    Hmm, hadn't thought of that. I was thinking of as one ended, it simply moved onto the beginning of the next. Of course, if ads were included in the episode, then they would obviously play out first.
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    LIke both those ideas but not sure the >>| and |<< buttons could be used now that they're set to 60 second and 15 second skipping?

    Maybe the main LEFT/RIGHT buttons on the navigation pad? I don't think they're currently used during playback?
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    I think once you factor in ads, or end credits, to be skipped, then there wouldn't be much use for this feature.
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    My Topfield/MyStuff and my Digitalstream PVRs let you set up playlists which can be used for this.
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    I've now added this idea to the consolidated list of improvements and feature requests as item 75 where I have generalised it slightly to be 'feature/option to play items within a single series rollup/folder one after the other in chronological order starting from any particular selected item'.
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    Thanks Keith. I know its not one of those features that everyone is asking for, but I feel that if YouView included it, its also one of those features that once used, we'd all be wondering how we managed without it!
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