Need to press Play and (i) buttons twice

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I noticed this a long time ago but only just got round to confirming my suspicions. If while watch a recording and press Play to see the playbar and check how long to go you need to press it twice to dismiss it and then twice again before it brings up the playbar again. Something similar happens with the (i) button.

I have been assuming it was due to me being careless with pointing the remote in the general direction of the box and not checking the light coming on to show the key press has registered with the remote but careful testing suggests otherwise.

Not a biggy but a niggly one.

Edit: Note that this has been happening on all firmware versions since I first got the box as a triallist.


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    Sod's law but since posting this I have not seen this issue. Which suggests a theory it is related to particular sequence of usage which puts the key-handler in a confused state. Could be trickier to nail down than I first thought ...
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    Interesting! Was Chase-Playing a recording and Play was behaving itself. But now the recording has finished and I am watching the tail of the programme and double-press Play has appeared.
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    In order not to duplicate a post I searched for 'buttons' and came across your post Gomez. I have experienced the need to press quite a few buttons more than once to get the box to perform an action, including pause and play. Thought it was me, but it is happening regularly, and I am wondering if the remote control buttons are rather sensitive to just where they are pressed, or alternatively, that the remote control is not the best quality. It has just occurred to me that it may also be batteries running low, so that may be something for me to to check. Whatever, I am regularly having to press buttons twice.
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    No. I am now convinced it is a (another) bug in the key handler code in the box itself. Since last week I have been using a quality Harmony replacement remote control (with fresh batteries) and getting the same thing.
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