BBC Red Button - Remote Inconsistencies

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The YouView interface has a consistent user interface - i.e. press "back" to go back, press "close" to close things. Could this same consistency be applied to the red button?

When in the red button, I regularly press back, and it closes the red button completely and you go back to tv - very frustrating!! Even worse, when you re-enter the red button, you start again at the home screen.

I know you can press yellow to go back in the red button, but I'm so used to pressing back everywhere else.

Also, pressing close when in the red button does nothing...surely when in the red button, close should close, and back should go back?

If there is an odd technical reason for this, perhaps the back button could be disabled when in red button, like close seems to be. After all, it even says "press text to exit" on every page...not "press back to exit"...


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    Hi Scott

    The Red Button isn't something YouView have any control over, it's built entirely by the BBC.

    Even if it were possible to disable the BACK button when the Red Button content is displayed, this could easily cause problems for users because its possible to have the RB content on screen AND access the YouView user interface at the same time.

    If your suggestion was implemented, navigating or exiting parts of the YouView UI would become harder if it was accessed while the RB content was displayed on screen.
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    I would imagine that YV must be specifying in their code somewhere that the YV "close" and "back" buttons (on the remote) are mapped to certain functions when in the red button.

    It seems to me they have mapped these two buttons the wrong way round. Clearly the correct methodology would be for pressing "close" to close the red button content, and for pressing "back" to either go back, or do nothing. At least then I wouldn't repeatedly exit the red button by mistake every time!!

    Perhaps somebody from YV could advise whether this inconsistency is something that could be fixed - or if as Martin suggests is simply not possible.
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