Integration of Catchup Viewing into Recording Schedule

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Not quite sure if that is the correct way of putting it as it is in two parts, the second being an extended feature.

Briefly my idea is that the "forward" EPG should indicate if a programme will be available on the relevant catchup service after broadcast. Many US shows are not, presumably for contract reasons. This would get over the (admittedly rare) scenario where somebody might be out but wants to watch three programmes being broadcast at the same time. So you could, for example, decide to record two long films and watch a shorter programme on BBC iPlayer.

The extension of this would be a "catchup schedule" rather similar to the recordings menu but with warnings when the (particularly BBC iPlayer) availability was about to expire. This could give an on-screen notice, say, a day before, to avoid you missing the catchup period end.

A further sophistication might be including watching by catchup as an alternative to either recording a time shifted channel or deleting a recording booking where clashes exist.


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