Recording Peppa Pig

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This is just a little personal mini-experiment.

Peppa Pig is one of the children's shorts which sometimes get clipped by YouView and other PVRs, leading to customer disappointment. It's broadcast on Channel 5, and the clipping has been attributed to inaccuracies in the Now/Next information supplied by C5.

I set series record for Peppa Pig on both YouView (Humax) and a more traditional PVR (Sony RDR-HXD560). I made sure that no additional padding was set on the Sony - I don't have information on what automatic padding it may or may not use. Transmitter is Crystal Palace.


Both PVRs recorded three episodes this morning, at 6:45 (5 min EPG slot), 8:15 (10 min slot) and 8:25 slot (10 min slot).

Both PVRs clipped the beginning of the 5 minute slot. YouView clipped more than the Sony. Neither PVR clipped the end.

Neither PVR clipped anything on either of the 10-minute slots.

Speculations: on the 5-min slot, it seemed interesting to me that the YouView recording began a few frames later than the Sony recording. I wonder if it's because YouView takes a little longer to haul itself into action.

More generally, and unsurprisingly, neither PVR could cope satisfactorily with the attempt to squeeze a 7-minute programme into a 5-minute EPG slot. Three possible solutions -
(a) all broadcasters to provide accurate Now/Next info
(b) programmes always to be allocated an EPG slot equal to or longer than running time
(c) user-controllable padding option

Personally I'd prefer (b) but accepting that that's unlikely to happen, my next preference would be (c).

Worst of both worlds: trying to rely solely on Accurate Recording when the information provided is not always accurate AND programmes are sometimes longer than the allocated EPG slot.
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