Option to cancel scheduled recording if late change to schedule

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Set box to record Panorama BBC1 8:30. Got home to find schedule had been changed and box was busily recording the programme which had replaced the one I wanted.

Would it be possible for YouView to recognize when the schedule has changed, and cancel the recording (if option so set) when that happens?


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    It's meant to. I can only assume that the BBC didn't send the different codes along with the transmission, so the box still thought it was Panorama.

    I know it was for Margaret Thatcher....it wasn't a Panorama special was it?
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    It doesn't seem to have "Panorama" in the title but I suppose it might be.
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    I stopped the recording of the unwanted replacement programme, and deleted the partial recording.

    At some point today, the box has recreated an entry in the Recordings list for the cancelled Panorama programme, and marked it as a failed recording.

    This is so messy. I accept that it might be partly the BBC's fault, if the correct identifying information was not received, but the YouView box ought to be able to tell the difference between a recording that has been cancelled and a recording that has failed.
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