Alibi channel sound out of sync with picture

Jane ThatcherJane Thatcher Member Posts: 2
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The alibi channel has been out of sync for the last 24 hrs where the sound is delayed about 6 secs, none of the other channels are like this can you help


  • PhoenixPhoenix Member Posts: 14
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    The Alibi channel is not available on YouView
  • Jane ThatcherJane Thatcher Member Posts: 2
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    its available on mine but now out of sync worked fine 48 hrs ago now doesn't
  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,796 ✭✭✭
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    I looked for Alibi on my YV box, but it seemed to be elsewhere at the time.

    But my box is a retail Humax - what's yours?

    Is Alibi perhaps a BT or TT special? In which case you will need to talk to them.

    Or if it's an ordinary channel, what number do you get it on?
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  • DM2DM2 Member Posts: 475 ✭✭
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    Although Alibi isn't available as a DTT broadcast channel for the likes of YouView or Freeview boxes to pick up via ariel, TalkTalk include Alibi in their Entertainment boost ...I've also read that BT were to be including Alibi in their offering which I hear is being trialled currently.

    Either way, it's streamed over the internet by TalkTalk or BT so if there is a problem with what they're channelling it's down to them to resolve ...but in the meantime, have a go at powering down & restarting both the YouView box and router to force a new connection with wherever those streams are coming from, just in case it's simply something that's flipped out between the two.
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