Fancy 6 months of NowTV for £14.99? Groupon have a deal...

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I spotted this whilst stalking tweets mentioning YouView, it's running until the end of June for new sign-ups.
Full offer details: HERE

They're also throwing in 5 Sky Sports day passes - admittedly not much use on a YouView box currently, but maybe Sky might change this in future ...once YouView's anticipated IP live channel update rolls out this summer, perhaps? Smiley


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    That's a cracking deal. For all my antipathy toward things SKY, I did dabble with NOW TV previously on a freebie offer and found it to be an excellent service. As long as you have a decent broadband speed it works very well and, although not in HD, I thought the picture quality was very good.
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    I notice that, once your 6 months is up, the following 3 months are charged at the introductory rate of £8.99, rather than the regular £15 - Bonus!

    I'm no Sky fan either, but am on my free first month currently and have well & truly got my money's worth to speak.
    30+ movies streamed and not a blip, skip, buffer or drop out in sight. I thought the picture quality was cracking, too.

    Shame an offer like this wasn't around for me when I subscribed ...I wonder quite how far I have to go in order to qualify as a new sign-up Smiley

    EDIT: Turns out all that was needed was to open an account using a different e-mail address - simples!
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