Solution for the second TV via SCART not showing YV graphics if HDMI used

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This problem has been ongoing especially for those coming from Sky wanting to reproduce the second room feature and watch the output from a YouView box (in SD) in, say, a bedroom.

Unlike the Sky boxes (and like virtually all terrestrial boxes), the Youview boxes do not have an "RF" output. To send the TV programme to a second room using the existing Sky co-axial cabling therefore requires a SCART-RF modulator. This is fine except for the most part the box will be in the same room as the main TV and this will already be using the HDMI socket. This results in the second room not being able to see the on-screen graphics.

One solution is to disconnect the HDMI cable from either the YV box or TV however in many cases this is very inconvenient. A much more convenient method is to get an HDMI switch box. A two way switch is adequate but you may find them with three or more on "a well known auction site" cheaper. In most cases these are designed to allow a TV with a single socket to use multiple devices however they should work equally taking a single output from your YV box and switching it between two or more TVs. You'll need to get an extra short HDMI lead but the box should be wired up:

SCART output >>>> Modulator >>>> RF lead to bedroom

HDMI output >>>>>> HDMI switch >>>>> Output 1 main TV
>>>>>> Output 2 not connected.

With the HDMI output switched to the main TV, the SCART output in the bedroom will not show the graphics but both TVs can be watched.

To control the YV box from the remote room you will need a "magic eye" setup but hopefully to unit from the Sky setup should work. Note: I have not tried this aspect of the solution so some experimentation may be needed. The receiver for the IR remote is next to the silver ring on the front panel of the Humax.

To switch between "main room" and "bedrooom" mode, turn off the Humax, switch the HDMI output (to output 2 in the layout above) and turn the box back on. The main room TV can no longer be displaying the YV box output but the graphics will be going through the SCART output.

IMPORTANT: Turn the YV box off when switching "modes". While it should not affect the box, there can be HDMI "handshaking" problems and I found you could also loose the graphics on the main TV. That was cured by a simple on/off using the YV remote control.

The switch boxes are usually very small and some include IR remote controls that might also work via "magic eye". More importantly they can be sited within easy reach in cabinets and avoids problems that can arise from frequent unplugging and plugging in of HDMI sockets.

NB: In experimenting to see if this was practical I used a second TV taking the feed direct from the SCART socket rather than via a modulator. The above worked with the Humax T1000 (Black model). I have not tried it on the T1010 (Silver version) or the Huawei Talk Talk box. As mentioned, I have also not tried it using the remote control via "magic eye" but I hope this will help.


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