Watching online after a failed recording?

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Recording Peaky Blinders failed for me but when I went to watch it online it came up in iPlayer as a zero length recording. Does this mean it always goes to the recorded version first if it exists even when it has failed?

I had to watch it online using my Foxsat.


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    Hi Gomez
    I have had this happen. I was trying to show a friend how Youview worked and without thinking went back to a programme I had recorded. I thought the programme came up quickly without buffering but it was actually playing from the hard drive.
    Try deleting the "recording" from yout harddrive and then you should be able to watch on iplayer.
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    Just tried it after deleting the failed recording and it was the same. I will try it after a soft reset later.

    I like to keep failed recordings in the list as a reminder to watch them online.
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