Disappearing on-screen display with radio - why the difference?

Lbear1Lbear1 Member Posts: 741
edited 24 November 2016, 12:02PM in Archived Posts
Not sure if anyone has noticed but the two different makes handle the on-screen display for the radio channels differently?

If you press pause and then listen from the buffer, the screen blanks out on both Humax and Huawei boxes. Pressing stop to go back to live TV brings back the on-screen display with the Huawei but not with the Humax (retail box software). That stays blank.

Humax's MHEG engine always seems a bit iffy with on screen graphics. The still slides, for example on BBC Three prior to 7pm, seem to cause a hiccup at times if you scroll through the channel when surfing. It also seems to shun showing the red button prompt on BBC TV the majority of the time. Is this yet another manifestation of YouView not using MHEG-IC or deliberate on Humax's part?


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