Automatic Software Update December 2013

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A new software update will be rolled out over the next few weeks to YouView Humax boxes for retail customers.

This update will add better accessibility for blind and partially sighted customers as well as those with motor skill and cognitive impairment. The additional features include:

1) You can now interact with the YouView guide when in Zoom Mode to assist users with visual impairment. The channel guide has been designed to work with interactive zoom, and fit within the magnified area.

2) USB keyboard support has been added.
• You can plug a keyboard in via the USB port to control the box.
• The full set of remote control keys are mapped to the keyboard.
• The mapping is designed to make the service accessible for users with less severe motor and cognitive impairment.
• The key mapping has been designed to avoid the need to press multiple keys e.g. using the ‘Shift’ button with another key.

3) Grid 2 software computer programme support has been added which allows severely disabled users to navigate the YouView programme guide with the press on just one button. The software is designed to enable the use of computers and similar devices for this user group and is compatible with a variety of different input devices including switches and head-pointers.

You can check if you have the latest version by pressing the YouView button on your remote control, navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘System Information’ > ‘Software Versions’.

For those boxes that have already received the update you will see the following:

Manufacturer Software: 16.4.0
Component Software: 2.2.8
Platform configuration: 820
ISP Configuration: (varies by ISP)

If your box displays different software versions, please be patient as this is a phased rollout and only available on YouView set-top boxes purchased at retail.


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    Users who have a YouView Humax retail box and have the latest update will now be able to record internet channels if they have a BT
    Infinity or TalkTalk broadband line. In addition you can now pause an internet channel as well as skip backwards and forwards.

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