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I have a retail Humax DTR-T1010 box that I bought 4 weeks ago just before going away on holiday.  I set about 20 series record programs before going away.  When I returned I found that the box to be locked up, when I switched it on from the remote all I got was a blank screen.   I turned it off/on using the power switch on the back.  This allowed me to get into the box and see what had recorded, I found that all recordings had failed from the third day onwards.  The last program to record had, in fact, not stopped recording, it appeared to have continued recording until I'd powered the box off, it was 480 hours long!  The box was indicating only 5% disk space left.  The last program should only have been 1 hour long, we managed to watch that program, but at the end of watching it the remote control had no effect and the box appeared to lock up.  I also noted that the "Full" and "Rec" indicators are permanently on.
I deleted all the recorded programs and all the schedule, and did a factory reset of the box.  During the reset both these indicators went off but came back on towards the end of the reset process.  Surely these indicators should not be on?
It also appears to be still locking up, whilst watching a program on ITV Player it just stopped.  Pushing buttons on the remote had no effect, I had to power it off/on to get it working again.
Is anyone else having similar problems?


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    Hi Bob - the FULL indicator means is is running at 1080p, i.e. Full HD resolution, so not something to worry about. The Rec indicator being permanently on is most likely a current bug. Whilst a little annoying the bug should not affect the normal operation of the box.

    It does though sound like there are other problems with the box if it locked up whilst you were away/failed to stop a recording and filled the disk. I seem to recall some people reporting the ITV player hanging at ad breaks so that may be another problem you are hitting.
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    If it is still locking up then I'd get an exchange yourview or a refund. These youview boxes are unreliable. Seems like they all have identical problems. My second box did the random disk full nonsense after 3 days too. It was over Christmas. I switched it on and the recordings info claimed the disk was 95% full after I'd recorded 10 hours of TV!  All 3 I've had did weird locking up and freezing. It's a generic fault. ITV player is pretty ropey on most platforms it has to be said so I wouldn't necessarily blame the youview for that.

    As it is only a month old then I'd seriously consider trying to get a refund and getting something else. They're just no good. Failing to work after only 3 days is just hopeless. If you go away a lot then you want something you can set and forget and actually have recordings when you return.

    Panasonic boxes also have the remote record feature which is useful if you go away and realise you've forgotten to set something.
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    Thanks both for your replys.  I'd assumed the 'Full' indicator was HDD full especially as the disk had filled up due to it not stopping recording.  I'll give it some extensive testing over the next week or so and if it is still playing up I'll get it exchanged.
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