Record from BBC iPlayer?

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The latest version of BBC iPlayer for Android devices (and I think Windows and iOS) allows for a programme to be downloaded to internal storage and to be retained for up to 30 days before being viewed. (You have 7 days to complete watching once you have started playback.)

It strikes me that this feature would be useful to have incorporated into the YouView version of iPlayer. With the BBC moving to more internet delivery of programming - not just the proposal to stop transmitting BBC Three but also the special iPlayer only additions they sometimes have - I am sure this would be useful.

Anyone else see any utility in being able to record from iPlayer?


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    This was a a feature which was asked RIGHT at the beginning of the release cycle for the retail boxes. I think I even asked it about being able to record on demand content to the HD to not have to rely on the internet connection (a bit like Sky do it). It never happened, it probably wont ever happen.
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