New fibre network in York - Sky, TalkTalk, CityFibre and Fujitsu

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"The companies say they intend to bring ultra-fast broadband to two further cities – as yet un-named – across the UK.

York's network will beat BT and Virgin Media's top speeds by running fibre optic cables all the way to buildings, serving tens of thousands of homes and businesses in the city."

Two further cities...any guesses?


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    Supposedly they will run a competition to see where they would likely get the most take up....guesses are

    As for any other cities BSkyB and TalkTalk might be eyeing up, it's a safe bet to suggest they'll soon be breathing in Caledonian air.

    In 2011, CityFibre said it had completed deployments in York, Ayr and Dundee


    The Company owns and operates 29,000 fibre kilometres of local access networks serving 465 customer locations in 56 towns and cities in the UK, including York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Dundee, Bath, Derby and Doncaster.
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    CityFibre is also just now in the process of buying Coventry's network.
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