On Demand Player Updates have stopped

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Software Updates are checked automatically daily and updated if necessary. On my box, the same used to be said about On Demand Players. The latest check for them was 25th April. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

Mine is a BT Humax and I did cancel my BT subscription quite recently, so I'm guessing that has something to do with it, although I didn't think that BT had any power over the free catch up services.

Does anyone know anything about what I've described?

Manufacturers software 18.3.0
Component software 2.5.6
Platform configuration 1017
ISP configuration 5


  • KateThatchamKateThatcham Member Posts: 53
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    Hi Skiller

    I've a BT provided box and the update on demand players last checked date was 5 May 2014....  it doesn't check for updates every day though.

    Have you tried manually checking for updates?

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    I don't think it is related to your subscription -- I did try and get some clarity on this forum about what does seem to be a very unpredictable update process for the on demand players .

    my post


    received no responses.
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    To be honest I have noticed the same. It used to check every day in sync with the main software update check but now only randomly seems to check the on demand players for an update (the software is still checked daily). My BT subscription is still running as it always has so I don't believe that has any bearing on it.
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    I am using a G4 box that is running the older 17.3 software so not sure we can blame the software update either...
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