An accessibility suggestion for YouView

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YouView have done some little acknowledged work in making the boxes and output more accessible for various groups of disabled. The high contrast menus do assist a lot of visually impaired viewers and I believe spoken menus are on the cards. There is however a small group of people who are both visually and hearing impaired but still have sufficient perception to appreciate television.

I saw a piece on BBC News today about braille e-readers. One English company has developed a "holy grail", showing a prototype with about 3000 braille points, but has mothballed it due to its EU grant running out. It would seem a fairly small investment would revive the project, but how does this link in with YouView? How about an accessibility option to send the subtitles to the braille reader via wifi (obviously the box would connect using ethernet to the home wifi network for this purpose so there would be no need to have wifi built in). Other data, like the programme descriptions from the EPG could be an alternative. An additional option might be to use speech recognition to turn the audio description into a braille commentary.

YouView could help out the company bringing the prototype to market with such an app built in, perhaps in conjunction with the deaf/blind charities. No doubt costs could be a charity tax write-off, satisfy the BBC Trust about the company's commitment to accessibility and open another, albeit very small, market share for the platform.

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