remote record and red button bug

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I have a BT YouView  T2100 box and subscribe to the full BT package (Sky Movies, BT Sports Etc). I have an odd problem with the remote recording, I can select anything to record and send it to the box and it works fine, however when I go into E4 i can select a program and set it to record and it will work fine, but in the "Other Airings" section I get [Channel Unavailable] and it wont let me record another airing on E4. Shows fine for E4+1. E4 is on my box and i can see view it without issue. I've Rescanned channels, reinstalled iphone app but still the same.

And another small problem i have is that the MHEG stops working on the box, BBC Red button and radio channels etc i have to power off and back on to get this working again.

Any help would be great.



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    While not recording, press and hold the standby button for just over 8 seconds, and let the box soft reset.

    Any improvement?
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