Top Tip: soft reset/reboot, power cycling, maintenance mode and factory reset

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If your box is exhibiting odd behaviour one of the following resets may be of assistance. The options are in order of severity. In each case make sure the box is not recording (or about to record) when you perform the process.
  • soft reset/reboot: touch/press the power/standby button on the front/top of the box for about 8 seconds until it starts a reboot.
  • power cycle: put the box in to standby, then turn it off completely at the back (or failing that the wall socket), wait about 20 seconds, now turn it back on and power it up.
  • maintenance mode resets: accessing the maintenance mode is manufacturer and box specific, see this YouView page for details for each box. A key point with the maintenance mode approach is there are several different resets offered. You will generally want to first try the options that keep the recordings and only progress to the more destructive ones if absolutely necessary. Note with old gen you would have to then setup your hidden channels, scheduled recordings, mobile app pairing and other settings afterwards, whereas with next gen more configuration information is also synced to the cloud and thus will appear back on the box a few minutes after a maintenance mode reset.
  • factory reset: the factory reset option can be accessed from the normal YouView menu. This option will achieve the same results as the most destructive/comprehensive maintenance mode options.
Note the original two startup eco modes (high and low) were replaced with the standby modes (energy saver, smart, always on) in November 2015. The smart and always on modes allow for significantly faster startup as even in standby the box is effectively running in a state that is very close to fully on. In contrast if you run your box in the energy saver mode then when you put it into standby it sits in the same almost-on-mode as smart/always on mode standby for about 5 minutes before dropping to a much lower power state that is very close to fully off. As such the energy saver standby mode is very similar to the soft reset/reboot (where it just happens to be held for a long pause part way through the restart until you bring it out of standby). As such those running in energy saver mode are effectively rebooting their boxes very regularly.

The smart standby mode has an associated smart/deep sleep period. Within that smart period it is behaving as if in always on mode, whereas outside that period it is behaving as if in the energy saver mode. Next gen provides a more flexible timer for the smart mode and as such one could simulate the other two modes simply by choosing the window for the smart mode to be always or never. One could thus drop the smart standy setting all together and just leave the deep sleep window settings in a future release.
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