Scheduled recording only recording 3 mins then stops.



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    Phil8 said:

    Hi all,

    We would like to thank everyone for their support on the forum whilst we have been investigating the recording issue affecting some of our viewers with YouView Humax boxes. We appreciate how frustrating this issue has been for those affected given the impact of the problem, and how it can appear intermittently.
    It was initially difficult to isolate the root cause of the problem given that not all YouView boxes were affected, and there were a combination of factors that needed to take place for the box to surface the issue. The specific combination of environmental factors included where you live, the data received from the aerial and the number of functions the device was carrying out, all of which interacted with this software issue and resulted in recordings not playing back correctly, or stopping after only a number of minutes.
    After significant environment testing we are now in a position to roll out a software fix to all potential customers who might be impacted.
    As a result of this issue, we’ve updated our software validation steps to take into account all these different factors in the future.



    Try clicking the link in Keith's posting.
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    Hi all,

    The new maintenance software has now been made available to all YouView Humax boxes from retail and YouView from BT. If your box has not yet taken this new software update you will be able to manually download the software by going through the following steps on your YouView box:

    Press the YouView Button on your remote control > Settings > Device Management > Software Update > Get Update.

    Your YouView box will check if it has the latest software and if it hasn’t will prompt you to update. If you don’t manually install the software and have your box connected to the internet overnight it will automatically search online and install the latest software for you.

    Manufacturer software: 20.9.30
    Component software: 2.8.18
    Platform configuration: 1234
    ISP configuration: (depends on internet provider)

    To everyone who had this recording issue and fed back to us on the forum, thanks again for all your help and patience while we implemented a fix for the issue.


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