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Mike ButlerMike Butler Member Posts: 31
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Why on earth does the YV version of iPlayer display the heading 'Choose Another Programme' whenever I use it?

I know it's trying to be helpful, but the poor design of the interface actually leads you to presume that the programme you chose is unavailable! No other implementation of iPlayer I can find (TV, BD Player, PC, Phone) displays this idiotic piece of mis-information. 


  • RoyRoy Member Posts: 15,413 ✭✭✭
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    'For a better lift service, walk up one floor, walk down two'.

    So you do that, and find the same notice there, on the same lifts that serve your floor.
    Who would have thought it? My little two-person business made about £15.65m more profit last year than YouView did....  :p
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