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Interesting question here....
I use the dutch netflix via a dns and when i search for shows and films using the Youview search (and indeed use the Youview on-demand section), all that appears are shows on the uk version.
Does Youview only search the uk content despite what version is being used through the player?  I carried some testing and results were: -
Search for show on dutch only - no results but can access with the player
Search for show on british only - appears but wont play (error message displayed)
Search for show on both - appears and plays (although interestingly enough the Youview results only display the seasons on the british version even if the dutch one has more of them)

Is there a way i can change how the search works or is this tied down to uk only?



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    All the content providers give YouView a feed of their available content (see section 3.1 in the YouView Core Tech Spec) so that your box can do a centralised search directly via the YouView servers and be provided with results across all sources. Obviously Netflix will only be providing a feed of UK content, so you're out of luck if you are either using a box abroad or are doing dns fiddling / proxying. You'll have to do a search inside the Netflix app, which will hit their search service rather than the YouView aggregated one.
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    Thankyou for the detailed response!! :-)
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