[Discussion] YouView Android app update April 2015

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Hi all, 

Please feel free to feedback on the latest YouView app update (April 2015) for Android devices, in this thread.


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    Got it running now on my Moto G, Lollipop. Nothing much to see... Set a recording, which it didn't immediately reject - waited for it to move off Pending, to Booked, which it has now done.

    The update wasn't offered to me by the Play Store, but it was there when I Searched for it, and it's AND6.0.12.205-external for what that's worth.

    Nexus 7 next, but that is currently updating to Lollipop 5.1, which I hope this YouView release will still be compatible with.

    Ah-updated and rebooted now, and YouView offered as an App update.

    Set a Booking - Pending, and it was accepted shortly afterwards
    Now & Next looks pretty with pictures on the Nexus 7, but just plain text on the Moto G. I guess it adjusts itself according to the screen real estate available.
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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    One quick suggestion straight off the bat, can you change the apps so that they remove/filter out all the "Teleshopping" infomercials from all the summary pages.  Leave them in the normal EPG that shows all channels and all their programmes but the summary pages shouldn't show them.

    A good example is the screenshot I've just done (below) that shows numerous entries for the "Entertainment" section.
    They are neither use nor ornament as the entry is the same across all channels and all times; also the actual programmes aren't shown anyway so if you wanted to record your favourite advert(!) then you can't even find it.

    Mind you the products are so tempting these days... "Yes, hello.  Please may I have the Wearable Towel, Uro Club, Food Dehydrator and one of those lovely Shake Weights.  Yes I am over 18 although my IQ isn't..."  :)

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