Won't record BBC1HD



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    trophytr5 said:

    Update - I think they (YouView/Humax) have fixed the bug.

    I tried recording a) Victoria Derbyshire (BBC News HD - MUX 7) and b) Homes under the Hammer (BBC1 HD - MUX 1) yesterday, leaving the box tuned to BBC News HD and both programmes recorded succesfully

    Hi trophy,

    To my knowledge the fix for this issue hasn't been released yet. It is planned to be released in a future software update provided it passes all the right tests. 

    I'm glad your recordings were successful but I don't think it was a result of anything we've changed. 

    We'll make sure we call out this fix when the software is released. 
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    This issue has now been fixed in the latest software version for Retail Humax YouView boxes.
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