Automatic Software Update November 2015

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Hi all,

We have started a phased software roll out for those with a YouView Humax set-top box from retail on software version 22.16.0.

We were made aware that a small number of viewers who received the 22.16.0 software experienced issues with setting recordings, we have therefore halted the rollout for software 22.16.0. This latest software 22.17.0 includes improvements to the recording function for those affected.

Software update 22.17.0 will be made available to viewers who took the software 22.16.0 initially, a future software update will be made available for other YouView boxes in due course.

You can find out how to check your software version, and the current versions available for your box here.

Manufacturer software: 22.17.0
Component software: 2.10.28
Platform configuration: 1467
ISP configuration: (depends on internet provider)




Hi all,

A new software update is now available for YouView Humax set-top boxes from retail.

What’s New?

A new option called Standby Mode is now available on your YouView box which replaces the old Eco-Mode setting found on boxes with the previous software.

The new option can be found by pressing the YouView Button> Settings> Device Management> Standby Mode.

When in the Standby Mode option there are three settings available:
  • Smart Standby
  • Energy Saver
  • Always Ready
We recommend Smart Standby mode as this improves start up times and overall responsiveness of your box.

Manufacturer software: 22.16.0
Component software: 2.10.28
Platform configuration: 1467
ISP configuration: (depends on internet provider)

Other Improvements
  • The YouView Help App can now be opened by-
  1. Pressing the Help Button on the remote control
  2. A new Help option in the YouView menu  
  3. Pressing Help when an error message appears on screen.
  • A fix to prevent the YVM302 appearing for issues not related to signal quality.
What do I need to know?

This latest software contains updates to the content security for On Demand players on the box. This means that the content in the ITV Hub will only work when played through an HDMI cable connected to the TV. If using a SCART cable the content will not playback and you will receive a blank screen, with the audio playing and an ITV logo on screen.

This is a phased software roll-out so some customers may receive this earlier than others.

Please feel free to discuss the new release in our discussion thread.


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