BT YV DTRT1000 Scheduled recordings remembered but not seen

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i was about to set scheduled recording for Dr Who for Xmas day. However, it appears my series record which ended a few weeks ago is still active. However, it wasn't visible in the schedule until The 7 day window for Xmas day had passed. That is, if date was before 25 - 7 = 18 then not visible but is visible after the 18th. Is this a bug? Enclosed is screen shot showing series record for Dr Who.

How can I delete scheduled recordings that do not appear



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    Hi Robert - the YouView system retains scheduled series recording entries for 13 weeks beyond the last recording (which allows it to sustain series that have breaks in the middle, e.g. a sporting event might mean it does not air one week or there may be a mid series break of several weeks or even a couple of months). As you have noticed they only actually show in the scheduled recordings listing if there is a match for the setting in the upcoming 7 days of schedule. So there is no way to review the ones it is quietly holding in the background but they will age out naturally when a series truly ends so manual cleaning out would generally not be needed.
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    Thanks. Your explanation fits with what I have seen. Dr Who was already programmed but Dragons' Den had to be programmed.
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