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Can I use my iPhone Youview app to control more than one youview box?

Steve HollandSteve Holland Member Posts: 30
edited 24 November 2016, 12:03PM in Archived Posts
Hi All,

I've just binned Sky in favour of my second Youview box, but I've hit a problem. As far as I can see you can only pair one of the boxes with the iPhone app for remote record functions.

Am I correct in this? I seem to have to disconnect the original and connect the new.

Are there any other workaround known? Even if the request was sent to both boxes it would be a start. Or if I could create a record request via the website (like you can on Sky)?

I've seen some very old (+2 years) posts on this subject so hopefully it's on someone's agenda at Youview? Is this in the pipeline, as I'm sure many people will end up in this situation as the popularity of Youview grows.

Thanks in advance,

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