Youview accurate recording incident

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This occured on my most recent recording-

I set recording (using box EPG)   BT Sport//ESPN HD to record two programmes which were in the Youview EPG as


Live WTA Monterrey Final  - 9pm to 11pm

MLB;s Best - 11pm to midnight


What I got was


Live WTA Monterrey Final  - 9pm to 11pm - 2 hours of recording consistent with the original

EPG listing at the time I set the recording. In reality the actual  Monterrey feed started at 9:24 due I suspect to the ladies doubles final going to a deciding set. So this recording stopped during the third game of the third set,


MLB;s Best - 11pm to 11:10pm - this continued the match from the first recording from in  the third game to partway thru the fifth game.

Both recordings were successful - and therefore presumably deemed complete by the Youview box


Looking at the backwards EPG today  the guide says

Live WTA Monterrey Final  - 9pm to midnight

(MLB;s Best - no longer appears listed - but clearly in reality at the time (11pm) the Youview box believed it did and initiated the start of recording - Howver this recording stopped (apparently successfully) 10 minutes later - why - was it the EPG changing ? was it a signal from the broadcaster that the program had completed ?)

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