Pay TV (Sports) on Sony Youview Android TV??

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Pay TV on Sony Youview Android TV - could it happen?

is it vastly & enormously difficult to convert a Phone app to TV?

BT & Talk-Talk could have a portal for access somehow

> BT Sport?
> Now TV?
> Sky Go Android App (compatible with TV)
> Eurosport Player


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    There is Pay TV on the sets - try watching Netflix on one without a subscription :-)

    More directly, there is provision for a CAM module on the sets.

    The sticking point with Android apps seems to be the UI, not the underlying functionality,; converting them to be controllable with a TV remote rather than the touch screen and virtual keyboard of an Android smartphone.

    You can run NowTV on these sets by casting it from a mobile device to the built-in virtual Chromecast, as indeed you can with any cast-enabled app on a mobile device.

    While baked-in apps on the TV itself might be preferable, the purveyor of a mobile app does not need to provide it this way necessarily, but just to ensure that their mobile app can cast.

    But either way, it's up to the content providers you list to take the initiative here.
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    Pay TV on Sony Youview Android TV - could it happen? 

    Could it happen?  Yes. When? Who knows? 
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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