Now & Next v EPG differences

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There seems to be discrepancies  between Search Now & Next results and the EPG . I  suspect this is due to EPG program schedule changes.  Is there a time lag before the Now & Next results  mirror the EPG  guide ?

For example Gotham - 2 episodes were originally scheduled for this Saturday 10:25 pm and 11:25pm C5  (1 hour later on C5+1) - . the Epg appears to have changed with a different schedule of programs but the Now & Next still has the episodes listed as showing.

( also does anybody know why C5 appeared to have pulled the Gotham rerun ?)


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    CH5 have updated their EPG? Getaway!  image 

    Query (and showing my naivety here) Whats a Now & Next search? And how does one access it? As I never use Search, period.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    Search results are divided into on demand and upcoming (now& next) results for a given program. So for example Gotham has on demand results which show that it is available on Netflix and Now & next was still showing its next transmissions on channel 5. So I guess the simplest way to describe now and next is that it scans the current and upcoming list of programs .. you would think this would be the same as the. forward EPG list but it is not ...
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    The top level display of the future epg comes via the aerial and not the Youview epg servers.  The top level display of the search feature's 's  "On Now & Next" includes a picture which comes from  the Youview servers which implies that the cached aerial epg is not initially used for the search results. 

    The two different sources of information obviously do get their updates ultimately from the same original source but what you have noticed is that the difference in the mechanism for updates will result in some updates to programme event's details being completed with one before the other.    With Gotham the gap was large enough for it to be noticeable.
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