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I cannot get my brand new UHD YouView box to turn my LG 43UH750V TV. My Pioneer Blue-ray works but the BT box just will not. HDMI CIC (Simplink) is enabled and clearly working with the Blu-ray. The LG remote works well as a universal controller for the BT box using a Humax setting. Has anyone got any ideas as to how I can get the BT box and LG TV to talk using HDMI CIC?


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    (i) Keep your finger on the YouView On/Standby button longer than seems strictly necessary, until the LG TV (hopefully) turns on

    (ii) Try an alternative HDMI input on the TV for the YouView box

    (iii) Do not expect to change the HDMI input to the YouView box if you have already used CEC with the BluRay player, even if this is now switched off, unless you turn the TV off first.

    None of these things ought to be strictly necessary, but my DTR-T2000/Samsung UE32J6300/Sony BDP-S6500 setup exhibits these behaviours.

    Including, rather inexplicably, that even when the YouView box and TV turn on successfully, the TV goes to HDMI 3 no matter which HDMI input the YouView box is connected to, so it is best to humour it by putting the YouView box on this particular input.

    The YouView box was on HDMI 3 for a long time in the past, and seems to have learnt this behaviour; certainly, when I tried connecting it to HDMI 1, it did not switch to HDMI 1 as it should have, but continued to fire up HDMI 3.

    I suppose I should have reported this as a YouView bug, but I took the line of least resistance, and put the box back on HDMI 3, where it clearly wanted to be.

    So, bearing in mind that CEC can be more than a bit iffy across brands, try the above suggestions (i)-(iii) and see if any of them work for you.
    This might at last be getting back to the YouView that I knew.  :|
    Holding my breath....
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    Thanks Roy - I have tried all of that. Everything else works brilliantly except HDMI-CEC (SimpLink) with the BT Box. Not a deal breaker but disappointing nonetheless!!!
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