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Hi All, Hope someone can help. Q/. What is the difference between the Huawei DN372T.01.01.P & DN372T.01.02.P. is this simply a better, say improved model, and does the DN372T.01.02 also enable recording of programmes form the YOUVIEW App.  & TV APP? All answers much appreciated. 


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    Visionman said:
    Oh, point of note - one can't record any content via an app, on any platform.
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    Visionman said:
    Second point of note - the review you link to is of the DN371T - First on Amazon 1 Jan 2014 - not the DN372T the OP asked about, reviewed here 1 Apr 2014:-

    Though almost certainly the 01.01 variant; one might imagine the 01.02 is more recent, though I can find no information on what has changed,

    But both the 371 and 372 are PVRs, with a hard disc, so anything you set to record from the YouView App enough to time in advance (an hour?), provided the device with the app on has been paired with the DN37xT box at some time in the past and not unpaired since, ought to get recorded OK.

    Likewise the TV App, if this is TalkTalk's take on a YouView App. (I'm not familiar with it, so I don't know if that is what it is or not). But the TalkTalk TV Player, the only TalkTalk app I can find on my iPad, doesn't do this anyway.
    This might at last be getting back to the YouView that I knew.  :|
    Holding my breath....
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    The 372 is the second-gen Huawei PVR device, a faster upgrade to the original 370. The 371 in Visionman's review is a retail version of the 372, still second-gen but shipped with a 500gb drive (rather than 320gb) and a different case.

    All the 372s have exactly the same CPU, RAM and main hardware components (literally identical) - devices with different minor version number changes still run exactly the same main software (supporting all the same features) and function in exactly the same way and at exactly the same speed and will continue to do so, so if you're looking at buying second-hand and are set on getting a 372, you can buy either interchangeably without regard for the final digit in the version.

    Hope this helps!
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