Next Gen: bounced out of MyTV on exiting a recording if 2 other recordings are underway

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This has happened to me several times now. I am watching a recording that comes to an end. In the meantime 2 new recordings have begun and as such not all live TV channel may now be accessible. As such the box wants to tell me a channel change may have happened underneath me. On exiting the recording I am correctly dropped into MyTV but then the channel change warning appears across the top and I am forced back to live TV. I did not want to be forced out of MyTV so now have to go back in and navigate to what I just finished watching just to press to delete it.


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    I thought I would just nudge/update this thread to confirm this happens for me whenever I am in this 'two recordings running whilst another is watched and ends' situation. How often it bites of course depends on how much you record, when you record it, and whether you tend to be watching another recording at that time. As such I sometimes do not see this issue for several weeks and then at other times I might see it say 5 times in a week.

    It is a minor issue (that came in with next gen nearly 2 years ago now) but surely YouView could and should fix this (as such glitches do not present the product in its best light) :(
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    Agreed - its irksome and seems more frequent of late ...
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