Changes to BBC channels for viewers in the Scottish Borders

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Hi all,

Following a decision from the media regulator Ofcom, a number of Freeview channels will be moving to new airwaves to allow for the development of new mobile broadband services. As part of this process transmitters across the UK will be updated region by region as part of a major engineering programme taking place between now and 2020.

On 1st March 2017 these changes will take place on the Selkirk transmitter as a start to this process. YouView viewers in the region who are served by the Selkirk transmitter may find they are missing some BBC standard definition channels and will need to retune their YouView box in order to get these channels back. This change will not affect the high definition BBC channels.

The changes made will only impact viewers who receive their channels directly from the Selkirk transmitter. Viewers receiving their broadcast from the relay transmitter will not need to carry out a retune of their YouView box.

Full information of the upcoming changes can be found on the Freeview website here. If you require any further help you can get in touch with the Freeview Advice Line on 0808 100 0288.




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    Is that correct?   These preparatory changes will start to take place on the 1st March 2017 but there will be a simcast on the old "airwaves" until 29th March 2017.

    There will be a some whose aerials cannot cope with the new frequency.  For those won't the loss of the channels only show up on 29th March 2017, and in the meantime they will have the BBC standard definition TV and radio channels on a youview box renumbered to the top end of the 700s without the new duplicates taking their place in the normal channels' slots?
    I'm presuming here that the current underlying service ids will be used for the simcast.
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