Fully functional Cloud based YouView App on Sony TV?

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Could the YouView app not work in a similar way to Sky Go or Netflix Amazon or YouTube and be a Fully functional Cloud based YouView App on Sony TV?

Adding a login, recordings, DVR features reminders timers etc just like the box only cloud based.

All that would be needed would be the internet access and the TV.

How easy or difficult would this be?


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    Short answer - that would be up to Sony.
    Long answer - as their new 2017 range of TVs is out now - never. What we've got now is 99% certain to be all we get ever, other than stability updates and bug fixes.
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    I'd say the opposite.

    YouView are the company and its their app.

    Just like any change to Netflix or Amazon it would be up to them to change, like when they add and remove content.

    If YouView wanted to have logins and recording features surely this could be done by them.

    Sony's Android based TV software would be just the delivery system.
    Just like if it was an app on a TV from LG, Samsung or Panasonic....etc.

    Anyone else think this could work?
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    YouView is rather more than an app on these Sony TVs - look at what it takes to exit YouView.

    And ask yourself what app would be allowed to delete the user's satellite settings with impunity?

    It's much more integrated with the Android OS, and with the Sony code on there, such that all changes have to be agreed with Sony, and indeed often need changes by Sony itself - I doubt that YouView gets close enough to the metal to add things like recording features, and so it has to operate via a Sony API.

    A different and more extensive API than that provided to regular apps to be sure; but at nothing like the low level at which the YouView software interacts with the manufacturer firmware on YouView boxes.
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