Signal breakup on DTR1010

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Since the time the HDMI port went bad (Pink Screen of Death but I can't find the thread for it), I seem to
be having a problem with the picture breaking up.  It's worst on the HD channels but it does happen on SD as well

I very rarely watch live TV (and only via the antenna when I am trying to sort a problem) so I cannot say that it happens watching TV direct to the TV.  But it certainly happens watching live TV via the Humax.

Normally the signal strength is 45% to 55% and signal quality 100% on MUX 1 to 7. This is down from a signal quality of 75-100% when I last checked it in June 2015. When the signal breaks up, the strength drops a bit but the quality drops to zero.  It normally comes back up within a few seconds

My first suspect was the crane that has been put up on the building site next door.  From Google Maps, it appears to be sitting right on the line of site between our antenna and the Sandy Heath transmitter.  But it doesn't happen all the time. A combination of the position of the crane's boom (changes with the wind direction) and other atmospherics perhaps

I live in a flat with a communal aerial and didn't have a problem before. I've asked one of my neighbours and they're not having a problem, . I haven't changed the aerial set up inside the flat.

Could it be that the antenna/tuner circuits are going the way of the ones for the HDMI port?

I tried retuning and that improved things for a while.  But it's got worse again.

I was thinking of getting a new YouView box but don't want to do that and then find I have the same problem


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    How old is your DTR1010?
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    June 2013
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    Atmospheric conditions and large objects can affect TV signals, but the fact that your neighbour on the same aerial does not have a similar problem to yours would appear to rule that out.

    Maybe your neighbour would let you try your box in their flat?

    Your box is getting on for four years old. Humax DTR T1000 series boxes are not renowned for their longevity and yours could be reaching the end of its useful life :-(
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    The signal breakup was getting worse over time and that, in my opinion, pointed to a hardware fault.  Given that the HDMI port had failed already, I bit the bullet and bought a DTR-T2000 as a replacement, knowing that if it didn't solve the problem, the nice people at John Lewis would take t back.

    Set the new box up and signal strength is back to 95%.  So it definitely points to a failure somewhere in the receiver/tuner components.

    I still have the T1010 connected but for playback only, still on AV1 (SCART), until I have watched all the recordings.  When that's done, I'll take the hard drive out and scrap the rest

    It just gets a bit tricky having one remote controlling 2 boxes.  I have to mask off the one I am not watching with a cardboard screen.
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