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    Fed up with this 'Next Gen' software now.
    Can't hide channels I have zero interest in. Now I have on my EPG place holders , for each ohannel, saying they've moved.I seriously don't care. Yes I know this functionality is 'testing'.
    Cant pair the Youview app to the box. I received an invite from Talk Talk to go to Youview to test out the new Talk Talk app. I infidelity cant make it, but have to decline anyway as there is no way the box can be paired to tne app anyway. Completely useless update as far as I am concerned, with no recognition of this problem.
    Huge amount of screen 'real estate' taken up with nothing other than blank space when accessing MyTV.
    Plus a host of other niggles that make this software absolutely appalling.
    Thank goodness I have my Humax freesat box, because whom ever is responsible for signing off this software 'downdate' should have wordscwith themselves.
    I'm unfollowing this thread now.

    My current YouView box count :-)
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