Why no positivity to new Software? Post if u like, even if just a bit

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Some updates are good actually

Why not a lot of positive comments?

I know forums are a moanfest but I can't see a lot of people defending the new software.

What is good about it?
What bits that are new do you like?

Please some positivity
and maybe only constructive criticism
with solutions that don't involve scrapping the new next gen look and going back


  • joneshjonesh Member, Super User Posts: 1,713 ✭✭✭
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    "What is good about it?
    What bits that are new do you like?"

    You could make a start by answering your own questions DJHB1980 :-)

    I can't because our box hasn't had its update yet.

    I agree with you that there has been a lot of negativity of late.
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    It's cut down on the amount of TV SWMBO and our teenager watch! /sarcasm
    To be fair the software is faster and renders well. The engine looks to be improved as I think the on demand HD is better rendered (ymmv). Sadly the problems are with the look and feel, an F1 engine with a dodgy steering wheel.
    I don't think that the we need to go back to the old interface but there are a number of issues with the new one that need to be addressed.
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    I agree. I think there is a lot of promise behind the starting point but because some of the original functionality has been lost the starting point has ended up further back than the original interface. This new coded interface has to be the future no matter what people think but it needs some updates and quick to help with the transfer (which is always going to be unpopular with a lot of people).

    The most annoying thing for me is that if 3 or 4 things were fixed most of the complaints would be much lighter (there will always be complaints from some people purely because it is a change to what they are used to). I won't go over the three things because they have been regurgitated so many times already (as I said they would in my first post before this was even released).

    There are a lot of other forums where the majority of mentions are positive (DS Forum) so it is not as universally despised as this forum would lead you to believe but the complaints on here are valid and need a fix before we can see the new interface for what it can actually promise to be.

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    I like the new interface, even MyTV - my other half doesn't but is getting used to it. I'm OK with the tiles, I usually have an idea what I've recorded so deciphering the shortened titles is not really a problem. It would be good if more text showed up though. 

    Settings are easier to follow, even though you tend to only visit them once. I like the press and hold OK to watch a part watched recording from the start.

    The dislikes have all been logged by trialists, of which I am one, including backwards navigation to the recording you've just watched (probably my number 1 gripe) and hiding channels, sorting etc. Some of these we've been informed are in the works so we should see them in forthcoming updates.
    We should all accept that changes of such a magnitude will generate negative feedback, and forums are great places to vent frustration. 
    Is it bad enough to warrant replacement? - I don't think so and I don't think there are many alternatives anyway, every PVR appears to be heading in the same direction.
    An option for tiles or list view would probably satisfy 95% of recent poster's on this forum, personally I'd stick with the tiles if given the option. I've pretty much forgotten what old-gen looked like :-)
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    On another forum I've found a reference to "fast forward enhancement for the internet channels".
    I'm not seeing this, perhaps it's only happening on certain boxes.
    Can anyone enlighten me please?
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