Feedback to Phil at Youview – overall impression of new update.

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Feedback  to Phil at Youview – overall impression of new update.

I just thought I would give my overall feedback/reactions after using the new software over the Weekend. Some good points, but many complaints as with many other loyal Youview consumers. I also share a lot of their views.

AFTERWATCHING RECORDINGS.    When you have finished a recording it doesn’t take you back where you last were & it is very easy to delete a WHOLE series if you don’t look carefully.

PLAYBACK BOOKMARK within Menu. When playing recordings menu/in actual recording file, not able to either drag play bar along duration or even go straight to end of recording. This all happened before.

THE DARK SHADING BUG IS BACK!   First seen on the Freetime Freesat PVR. Thankfully got rid of! Every time you do anything like change channels, press info or play recordings you have to have the shading. WHY? Very dark shading when you fast forward/rewind. I do a lot of fast forwarding rewinding on various programs. All was alright BEFORE new version was introduced. This problem was also complained about on Freesat Freetime PVR & eventually Freesat woke up & resolved very irritating problem. Do you Programmers have some fetish about a shaded menu? When will you actually listen to consumers? Currently the only way to get rid of it is to press BACK on remote, although this doesn’t work when fast forward or rewinding. Very irritating & after many complaints with Freesat Freetime it was thankfully removed!

FEATURES REMOVED.    Yes you mention Discovery & other features will be added back later on. But it is extremely annoying that you have taken for granted that Consumers are happy with having features taken away from them until you get round to updating software. Rather unfair. My suggestion is that you allow consumers to revert back to previous version until you have fully fixed the software?

ORDER OF MINI MENU.   The MyTV is in the wrong order. It really should be either first or second in order. My suggestion: Guide/MYTV/On Demand/Settings or MyTV/Guide/On Demand/Settings. Maybe introduce a feature to allow consumers to customise to their own preference? Also please could you include an option to TURN this off on start of the machine? Not everyone wants to see this every time they turn on.

EPG GUIDE.   The previous Guide had a much “crisper mature” feel to the design. The new version is very bland & not really improved. In actual fact is is not as clear to read/seems darker + also you no longer have the small picture window, that I found very, very useful. Maybe you could add an option to allow consumers/customers that spent their hard earned money to decide for themselves: new version or previous Classic version?

On A POSITIVE!       I can see that the new version looks more updated & eyeing catching but it does not excuse the problems & also the inconvenience of features taken away. The settings menu looks improved & is easy to follow. Certainly the new interface makes the Youview system look more up-to-date & hopefully going forward will be improved & also bugs/previous features removed ALL fixed. Can’t really fault the new look. My Mother is totally confused & not at all happy with the change. If only Youview could appreciate not everyone wants to their daily routine disrupted & have to adapt with no control on decision made by a team at Youview. My recommendation is to FIX problems + RE-ADD features taken away BEFORE you start adding more new features & only prioritise/target your time to make the box more attractive for more sales. Please kindly think of existing consumers.John

Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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