Versailles series 2 and Inside Vesailles series 2

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I am puzzled by the way the companion Inside Versailles series 2 is scheduled (or not) on the BBC 2 channels.
EPG guide shows Versailles series 2 episode 1 on BBC TWO (SD and hd) on Fri 21 Apr from 9:30 to 10:30pm.

BBC Site

Implies INside Versailles is on that channel from 10:25 to 10:30pm and treats that as a separate programme.

When setting a series recording for Versailles series 2 the scheduled programme has the text Followed by Inside Versailles.

question wil I get Inside Versailles recorded on YOuview at the end of the Versailles episode and if so will it be a separate recording or included in the onerecording.


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    This same thing happened with top gear and extra gear as well. It would tape say episode 1 of top gear then tape episode 1 of extra gear then repeat same thing for episode 2 the following week. What's obviously happened is the BBC have obviously assumed people want to watch companion shows as well and use the same series link coding. Obviously keep an eye on things to make sure its doing the same thing as top gear but it seams highly likely. The BBC have previous form for this in the past.
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    The EPG on mine shows Versailles recording 9:30 to 10:30 followed by Newsnight from 10:30pm.  However, the programme break on the timeline shows it ending at 10:25 and Newsnight following on, so someone is a little confused somewhere.
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