DN370T update?

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Update for YouView Device DN370T.02.03.P

Where is it in the schedule for this box to get the update?

Will it get it?

Can it handle it?

Will it improve the box operation?
Be more sluggish or new lease of life?

Hopefully revitalise the box!!

Any info gratefully appreciated,
Thanks in advance



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    According to this:-


    the rollout is currently in progress.

    It is not possible to predict when your particular box will be updated, nor to expedite the update.

    Yes, it will get it. If it has not arrived by the time the above link says the rollout is completed, and if internet services are otherwise working OK on your device, you are entitled to ring YouView and complain, at which point they should spring into action and remedy the situation for you.

    Yes it can handle it. NextGen is designed to run on even the oldest and slowest YouView boxes, and is anyway more efficient than CurrentGen, so if that is working for you now, NextGen should work even better.

    Will it improve the box operation? Opinion is - er - divided. Not all CurrentGen features are currently replicated in NextGen; there is a new tile-based UI replacing the previous list-based one that has not met with universal acclaim; and various other attributes of the new UI do, we pretty much all think, need a rethink.

    Be more sluggish or new lease of life? The latter generally, though some boxes are emerging from the update being temporarily sluggish, for which a reset of varying severity is usually the answer.

    Revitalise the box? Well, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but you should get something that at least your money won't fall out of :-)
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